Characteristics of a round/apple shape

  • Your waist is equal to or greater to your hips and bust
  • Your waist is undefined
  • You have a larger bust
  • Your midsection is the first area you notice weight changes

You always want to be open minded to possibly being two different body types since it is difficult to categorize yourself into just one. 


You want to look for styles that elongate your body and take attention away from your midsection. When it comes to choosing prints, you want to find styles with small prints, preferably palm size or smaller. Avoid cropped tops and voluminous ruffles around the shoulder area, which can make you look shorter and wider. For some heavy set apple bodies, ‍Avoid tight-fitted shirts that would highlight the wider stomach area and stay away from details and embellishments around the midsection so you do not attract attention to this area. Semi loose tops are a better selection and avoid tops that end above the hipline since this would make the torso look bigger.

To draw the eye away from the midsection and towards the bust and shoulders, opt for shirts with embellishments around the neck and shoulder areas to accentuate them. Another good option is tops that wrap at your natural waistline and flare at the hip. 

You can wear a wrap, faux-wrap, or ruched side top to create a more defined waist. Wrap tops are specifically constructed to create a more defined waistline. Peplum tops are great for this body shape as well. If you are a heavy-set apple body, make sure to choose a peplum top that lays semi flat rather than flares out, to avoid making you look wider.

Basically, any top that you choose should have a clear waistline. Alternatively, you can get pants or a skirt that has this waistline and tuck your tops in. Read on to see which bottoms work best for you. 


The best options for necklines are wide and low.  A great neckline style for the apple-shaped body is the low V-neck but you can also wear sweetheart, scoop, square and strapless.


The best types of sleeves to take attention away from the midsection are detailed sleeves such as slits, gathers, cuffs, cap, drape, bardot, flare and draped fabrics. Avoid fitted sleeves which do nothing for your arms.


Single-breasted blazers help streamline the midsection. The tailored fit adds structure to your shape and does not add bulk. Also look for styles that have an open front to help elongate the body.

These styles should finish at the hipbone to past the midsection and balance out your body frame.  These styles look best for apple/round bodies when the buttons are below the bust. 

Avoid coats with belts around the waist, double breasts and too many details that would clutter up your figure.



You could wear trousers that are bootcut, flare out, cargo, wide and flowy like palazzos. Wide leg, flowing trousers are very flattering on an apple body shape since most apple body shapes have slimmer legs. Pockets that pop out such as those on cargo pants, will help add curves to your hips. Trousers should be flat fronted and not cling to the body.

For jeans, it could be tricky. If you are a heavy-set apple shape, the best jeans for you are midrise and wide leg/straight. For small apple body types, midrise boyfriend, bootcut, straight, flare or wide-leg, jeans work best since they balance your hips and shoulders. Wie leg pants help draw your eye into your waist.

For heavy set apple body avoid very skinny jeans as these would accentuate your slim legs and make your upper body look larger.


Straight skirts with a flirty flared bottom. If heavy set apple, avoid tiered or ruffled skirt styles that would bulk the midsection area. Avoid short skits that can make you look boxy by highlighting your midsection. Skirts that end above the knee area is a better option.  Asymmetrical skirts work very well to keep attention away from midsection and any skirt with a slit works as well by drawing attention to the leg.


The right dress for the apple body shape skims over the midsection without clinging to the body. The best dress options are shift, bias, a line, empire and wrap.

Shoulder, neckline and sleeve details on dresses will ensure the eye is drawn upwards and away from the torso. Patterns (especially diagonal lines and prints) and textures will distract and disguise a round waistline.

You can use a belt to draw in the waist. Usually, the thinnest part of the waist on an apple-shaped body is above the natural waistline. Medium to wide belts tend to work best but you want to choose a belt that is not much darker than what you’re wearing to avoid drawing attention to the midsection.


A longer style and loose fit will stretch the body visually and distract from the roundness in the midsection. Make sure the shorts are flat-fronted.

If you are a heavy-set apple body, Avoid short shorts since these are too close visually to the tummy and will make you rounder. Steer clear of tight-fitted shorts around the legs as they will unbalance your figure. A pair of low-rise shorts can cause an overspill in the tummy area. Midrise and high rise look best.

Options that do not flatter your lines

Styles that flatter your lines