Inverted Triangle


  • Your shoulders and bust are wider than your hips
  • You have a smaller derrière
  • You consider yourself to have broad shoulders
  • Your upper body is the first place you notice weight changes

You always want to be open minded to possibly being two different body types since it is difficult to categorize yourself into just one. 


Any tops that is for the inverted triangle body type should not draw attention to the upper body but more towards the waist.

Tops should past the hip bone so it does not draw attention to the shoulders and add volume to the hip area by flaring out from the waist to the hips to give the illusion of wider hips.

Peplum tops help create the illusion of a small, defined waist and adds volume to your narrow hips. Trapeze, wrap, straight and fitted tops with the waist nipped in are great choices as well.

Wearing tops that are darker than your bottoms also help to draw less attention to the shoulders and more towards the legs. 

‍Avoid cropped shirts that end at the waist and details or embellishments around the upper body and shoulder area.


Sleeves should make the upper body appear slimmer. If the sleeve is short, opt for tight-fitted, tapered sleeves to avoid adding weight to your shoulders. Also try dropped shoulder points, shoulder slits and cut-outs.

For long sleeves, the opposite is true: to add volume around your hips, opt for soft sleeves that flare- such as raglans, kimono, or dolman sleeves.

Avoid pairing voluminous tops with tight-fitting bottoms, which exaggerate the narrowness of your hips.

Thin straps will make the shoulders look wider and bigger. Choose wide straps instead

‍Avoid heavy detailing like buttons around the shoulders and also avoid Puffed sleeves which draw the eye to the wide shoulders.


Chose deep and narrow scoop, U-or V-necklines, asymmetric styles help break up the chest vertically. And if you have a small bust, halter necks can help elongate your silhouette.

‍Avoid wide and low necklines – such as off-shoulder, bateau, square, and Sabrina styles, that would add to the width of the shoulder line.


Jackets for the inverted triangle shape should de-emphasize the shoulders and upper body while highlighting the waist.

‍The best options are either straight cuts or styles with waist definition and that flare out at the waist. Nipped or belted jackets with deconstructed, fluid lines flatter the silhouette.

‍Pockets or other details below the waist are great to add interest and volume to the hips. Opt for single-breasted jackets as double-breasted jackets would add too much volume to the upper body.

Jackets should extend beyond the hip line to balance out the wide shoulders. They are best in a darker colour for a slimming effect on the upper body.

You can try a cropped jacket as long as it is a little longer than the waist to Create structure from shoulders to the waist which fills out your top half evenly.

‍Avoid double-breasted buttoning, big collars, shoulder pads and embellishments  Steer clear of structured and tailored jackets 

Details around the hip area are also excellent to add interest and volume to the hips.

‍Belted and nipped coats will give the illusion of a defined waist. Opt for darker coloured coats for a slimming effect.

steer clear of big collars that would add volume to your upper body.



Let all the patterns, ruffles, pockets, layers, etc. be part of the bottom part of your body; and, the upper body be minimalistic. As long as you remember this, you will do more than good.

Any style that will accentuate and add volume to the bottom and leg line is great for the inverted triangle.

Baggy trousers, turn-ups, combat, palazzo, flares, culottes, wide legs, and harem pants are great examples. You can wear more trendy pants, with pleat or tie-waist details. 

Wide-legged pants are great at balancing a top-heavy figure by highlighting the attention to the lower body. The flowier the fabric, the more movement (and focus) it attracts. This makes culottes a popular choice among top-heavy body shapes.

Opt for trousers in bright or light colours to draw attention to your legs.

If you want to wear more slim-fitted trousers, opt for straight and cigarette-style trousers – they balance out your silhouette better than skinny fits.


For jeans, the best styles are bootleg, wide, boyfriend, and baggy jeans

Jeans with details around the hip, bottom and thigh areas, such as back pockets, front pockets, various washes, rips, distress and embellishments, are excellent to draw the eye downward.

Low-rise jeans are usually a no-no for your narrow hips as they’ll only highlight your lower body’s lack of curves. Going high waisted, on the other hand, tend to also flatten the backside. Mid-rise is the ideal rise for an inverted triangle. At this level, the jeans can lift your booty just right. Not too high to flatten your backside, nor too low to slim down your hips.



Skirts should add volume to the hips and balance out the shoulders. Any type of skirt style that flares from the hips and/or adds visual width to the hips is best for an inverted triangle body shape. Straight, full, A-line, ballerina, bias-cut or tulip skirts are great. Tiered, volume or dropped waistlines also work well.

‍Details such as panels, box pleats or vertical lines at the top ending in a full skirt are good to add dimension and interest to the hip area.

Another way to draw attention to your lower body is by choosing skirts in bright colours, horizontal stripes and patterns. They should be lighter or brighter than your top.

Skirt lengths can be extreme, from very short and flared to long and flowing. slits in skirts are also a great choice to draw attention to the legs.

Avoid tight-fitted skirts that hug the hips and visually pull them in.


The right dress for the inverted triangle body adds volume at the hips to balance your shoulders. To achieve this, look for dresses that flare from the waist or hips. Simple, straight lines, shift dresses and A-line styles are great.

‍Details on the lower part of the dress, such as patterns and pleats and lighter colours, will draw the eye downwards and away from the shoulders.

If you opt for nipped or belted dresses, you can also add some definition to your waist.

‍Strapless dresses are a great way of showing off your shoulders. But make sure you balance them out by adding volume to the hips.

‍Avoid dresses that emphasize the shoulder area and upper body – either through the wrong neckline or through details on the upper body. And steer clear of dresses fitted at the bottom, which don’t add any volume to the hips.


Shorts for the inverted triangle body shape should add volume to the lower body and hips.

Great styles are wide, baggy and printed shorts. 

Shorts should have pleats and fuller legs to add width to the hips. Short jeans are great, especially if the legs are rolled up.

Avoid small and tight-fitted shorts in darker colours that would de-emphasize the hips and bottoms and make you look top-heavy.